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About where the willows grow

I never thought I would run a business, let alone my own business. I'm an artist. I don't understand business or finances. But I've always wanted to do something with my art other than fill sketchbooks and post on Instagram.

In 2016, about 8 months after my son was born, I started searching for a new hobby. I used to wander around taking photographs, but with a child that hobby started slipping away due to the difficulty of taking him out with me. That's when I found hand lettering on Instagram! I always loved how pretty people could write and I decided that I wanted to be one of those people. I started out with digital lettering because of the convenience. We already had a computer I could use a stylus on so there was no need to go buy supplies. A few months later, though, I convinced my wonderful husband that it was worth the investment of supplies to grow in my hobby! He's always been supportive and jumped on board as long as I promised not to go crazy. 

So I started dabbling in all of it, and by February of 2017 I found my niche: watercolors. I. LOVE. WATERCOLORS! 

In May 2017 I had the right people encouraging me to start a business. I had decided on a name months before: Where the Willows Grow. Why? Because my name, Shelbie, means a place where willows grow. Something about that really struck me as beautiful and I knew that was it! And thankfully no one was using that domain name. So I did it! I jumped head first into this small business thing and here I am!

I'm not sure where this business will take me, but I do know that I'm ready to find out. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Much love,