Art Therapy

As many of you know, I recently lost my daughter to Turner's Syndrome when I was 21 weeks pregnant. Many things helped me, and are continuing to help me get through this loss from God, to counseling, to my community, to art. Yes, art.

I definitely believe in the therapeutic qualities of art. It gave me something to focus on. If you've ever experienced something difficult you understand that sometimes you just can't find words to explain what you're thinking and how you're feeling. Creating helped me express my emotions, thoughts, and feelings in forms of words, shapes, and colors. I could pick up my paints or markers and release that emotions through my work.

Art therapy isn't just beneficial for those who have experienced loss, it's for those who are going through any kind of battle, whether it be mental health or loss or illness.

I've recently read an article about how Art Therapy is beneficial for cancer patients and I would love to share my favorite section with you.

" therapy helped these patients reduce anxiety, depression, and even physical pain. The art therapy sessions also improved general quality of life in most of the patients. The review indicated that the emotional benefits lasted as long as the therapy program but that the impact on pain actually extended well after the therapy had concluded. "


I believe that Art Therapy is grossly under looked and highly beneficial. And I really believe Pablo Picasso had it right when he said this:

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

If you would like to learn more, please read the rest of this article by clicking below. 

Galaxies and Beyond

I want to start this post by thanking you guys. Y'all are incredible! I've received so much support over the year from you guys, especially the last couple weeks. Engagement on social media is up up up, and I've gotten so many orders I just don't know what to do with myself! So thank you!

A quick note on social media engagement and then I'll talk about how to make galaxy paintings!

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That's that!

On to space!

Painting galaxies is one of my favorite things to do, just because of the nature of the painting! Even though I follow the same few steps, every painting is different! I love that so much!

So here's a video I made showing you my process!

Here's a list of supplies I used:

You don't have to use these supplies. I like the washi tape because it's skinny and so I can get small borders. You can use any watercolor paper. My favorite right now is actually Arches paper. And use any watercolor paint you want! The only reason I didn't use the black ink that comes in the Koi set was because I didn't want to use it all up and be left with nothing if I was out painting. I do recommend using the Dr. PH Martins white ink, though, for the stars. It's given me my favorite stars.

This is my first video tutorial, so please comment with any questions you have because I'm positive I left a million things out! And send me photos of the galaxies you paint! I want to seeeeeee!

Love you guys!


I'm sending out a space-filled surprise with every purchase while supplies lasts, so that print you've been thinking of ordering? Do it. Because there will be something extra in it for you! Everyone needs more outer space in their lives!


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Y'all are awesome!!!


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