I'm Mad

It's okay to be mad. This is a perfectly acceptable feeling. I've learned a lot of things the last few months and one of them is feel my feelings. Don't stuff them. Don't run from them. Don't hide from them. Feel them. Process them. Give them to God.

Beauty From Ashes

I trust that he will create beauty from these ashes. I trust that he will turn my mourning into gladness. I trust that he will take my faint spirit and give me a garment of praise.

He will continue to comfort me. He will bind up my broken heart. He will be glorified. 

Finding My Groove Again

I started this blog and really this whole company to try and help fill our lives with a little bit of encouragement and laughter. Life is crazy tough and if I make something that you see here on my blog or over on my Instagram or in my shop that brings a little smile to your face then I feel like I succeeded.