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Galaxies and Beyond

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I want to start this post by thanking you guys. Y'all are incredible! I've received so much support over the year from you guys, especially the last couple weeks. Engagement on social media is up up up, and I've gotten so many orders I just don't know what to do with myself! So thank you!

A quick note on social media engagement and then I'll talk about how to make galaxy paintings!

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That's that!

On to space!

Painting galaxies is one of my favorite things to do, just because of the nature of the painting! Even though I follow the same few steps, every painting is different! I love that so much!

So here's a video I made showing you my process!

Here's a list of supplies I used:

You don't have to use these supplies. I like the washi tape because it's skinny and so I can get small borders. You can use any watercolor paper. My favorite right now is actually Arches paper. And use any watercolor paint you want! The only reason I didn't use the black ink that comes in the Koi set was because I didn't want to use it all up and be left with nothing if I was out painting. I do recommend using the Dr. PH Martins white ink, though, for the stars. It's given me my favorite stars.

This is my first video tutorial, so please comment with any questions you have because I'm positive I left a million things out! And send me photos of the galaxies you paint! I want to seeeeeee!

Love you guys!


I'm sending out a space-filled surprise with every purchase while supplies lasts, so that print you've been thinking of ordering? Do it. Because there will be something extra in it for you! Everyone needs more outer space in their lives!


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Y'all are awesome!!!


Our Little Abbie

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My sweet Abigail Grace. Today we celebrate you. That was always the plan. Today was going to be your gender reveal party. Although we aren't certain if you are a girl or not, odds say you are (sorry if you're a boy). And so we celebrate. Today we celebrate the 21 weeks we've had you. Today we celebrate your sweet little heartbeat we heard on Tuesday. Today we celebrate your precious life. Today we hope and pray for a miracle. Today I hope that this sweet little Premie sleeper I bought I will one day return for a different size. Today I hope that one day you'll snuggle with this soft little lamb. Today we hope we hear that sweet heartbeat again tomorrow morning. Today is for you, sweet girl. We love you so much. ❤️