God Is Good

Life is hard. For us especially this last year. And in that time especially these last few months and in that time this last week. Tony got the stomach bug Thursday and then Saturday night Tim woke up with horrible vertigo and nausea. We found out that was caused by the fan we were using in our room that we didn't realize was moldy and dusty. Tim is hearing impaired and has inner ear problems so his allergy to the mold and dirt affected him horribly. Today is day 4 and his nausea is gone but he still is having some issues with dizziness and his temperature is going up and down like a yoyo. On top of everything emotional going on in our lives being sick on top of it has been a really hard week. 

But God is good. 

He is so good. 

His love and faithfulness and provisions haven't faltered. His strength and wisdom are there when we ask him. People are there to help when we need it most. 

Live is hard. But God is good. And he's there in the easy times and the hard times. He's the same in the easy times and the hard times. He is God. And he is good. And for him I am thankful.