Hello June

Who said it could be June already?

That means I'm a couple months shy of being married for 3 years and my baby boy is a few months shy of being 2. Yes. I know. He's a toddler. He toddles all over the place. 

My shop is a couple weeks old and I got my official business license in Monday and thanks to y'all I've made a few sales! That's so exciting to me. 

My husband and I got to go on a date on Tuesday and he was saying that opening this business is something I've been talking about for over a year, and just to see it come into reality is so exciting. I agree. I wish I had a different word for exciting because I've used it like 3 times already but that's how I feel! Excited! And thankful! And hopeful!

June is going to be a good month. We are going to the beach, which is my favorite place ever. I have a few orders to complete while my sweet boy naps. And I've started this long term project lettering my favorite verses from the Psalms. 

It's gonna be a good month. 

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Love you guys. 

Have a great June!