Live and Learn

Goodness. Parenting is no joke. 

Tony and I like to watch tv together. And he hasn't ever been upset about the tv turning off at the end of a show or middle of a show or even beginning of a show. Ever. Until last night. He pitched a nice fit over it. But I held him and we prayed and then he got down and happily played with his cars. 

So this morning I wanted to try again. 

So I turn on Daniel Tiger because they released a new movie and we haven't watched Daniel Tiger in ages. He loved it. I turned it off in the middle. And he reacts like normal. "All done!" But when we start to walk upstairs to go play he runs back and throws himself on the floor in front of the tv screaming. I took him upstairs and he ran back down. After a couple minutes of crying and praying I went downstairs and guess what he was upset over?

His toy car had slid under the dresser that our tv sits on. 

He just wanted his car. 

Communicating with an almost 2 year old is quite the journey. We frequently won't get it he first time. And I have a feeling he was upset last night because his car was under the dresser since I pulled out two cars today. 

I relayed this story to my hubby (10 points to you if you've read this far) and he said you live and learn. 

And it's true! Tony isn't even two yet. He's just learning how to communicate to us. We get to teach him how. It's gonna take patience and time. But we are going to figure each other out. And I've learned to check under the dresser now if he throws himself on the floor in front of the tv crying. 

LifeShelbie Fredericks