Monday Motivation

Our culture is incredibly anti-Monday They're the worst. Hate Mondays. Wish they would die.

Yes, I hate the end of the weekend as much as the next person, but I'm kind of tired of the negativity that surrounds Monday. It's really discouraging and on Mondays I want to be encouraged and uplifted as I face the beginning of a week of unknowns.

So I want to start a perspective shift for myself, and on Monday I want to remind myself of what motivates me and instead of focusing on the badness of Mondays I want to focus on the goodness. And I'm going to share them here in hopes of encouraging some of you, too.

Monday is another day created by God for us to enjoy. Mondays are a gift. That's my motivation today. Mondays are a gift. It's another day to get out of bed and do what we do, whether that's working in an office or staying home with kids or painting or candle making, to glorify and honor God. I don't know about you, but thinking of today as a gift is more likely to get me out of bed than waking up and thinking that Monday is the most dreadful thing ever.

So today breathe in the fresh air of a new week and remember that Mondays are a gift. I think it could change our weeks drastically.