Sometimes life seems out of focus. In fact almost all the time my life seems out of focus. I seem to always only be able to see a step in front of me. Maybe. The rest of my future is blurry

But isn't that the point? We aren't supposed to always know what comes next. I can make some highly educated guesses, but I don't ever really know

That makes me uncomfortable. 

I'm a creature of comfort, ask anyone who knows me. So not knowing where our family is heading next can be really difficult. 

But we keep moving forward

And as we walk in faith slowly things come into focus. Things that were once blurry are suddenly clear and it all just makes sense and I wonder why I was scared in the first place. 

God has me. And he is faithful. He knows my needs. He's knows what is best for me. And he will make clear my path in time. 

So walk forward into the blurriness, and trust in the Lord and his promises, because he is faithful and will keep them. 

Blurriness doesn't have to be scary. 

Luke 19:7

Tony's First Trip to the Aquarium

Tony's First Trip to the Aquarium