Business License

I got more mail yesterday! This time it was happy mail: MY OFFICIAL BUSINESS LICENSE! It's now happily hanging on my fridge, that is, until I move it to a safer place. Like a frame. On my wall. Away from Tony's sticky fingers.

I've been in business for almost three weeks and it's been a pretty cool three weeks. I've learned more about myself. I've learned more about God. And I'm just starting to figure things out.

The most important thing I'm figuring out is how to really glorify God with this business. It's all meaningless without him anyways. So how can I glorify God with this skillset he's given me?

Well I think there's the obvious of have scripture available. Have prints that directly point to God and who he is and what he's done for us. I'm working on making some scripture packs right now. The first one will be available this weekend and it's Psalm 23. I'm really excited about this because I want more scripture to be available. Scripture is so important because it reveals to us the promises of God and the character of God and the hope found in him and helps us combat the lies of the enemy. We are supposed to write it on our hearts and what better way to do that than to put it on our walls or keep it in our bags, use it as book marks... make it visible!

I can't wait to start hanging these up in my house. It's such a simple thing I overlook all the time and I don't want to anymore. It's important. It's life changing and life giving.

The other way I think I can glorify God with this business is just do things well. Conduct business in an honorable way. Create art to the best of my ability. Don't slack, take the time to do it right. It's so easy for me to become lazy. To rush through a project. I did that in school allllllllll the time. But that's not honoring God. That's not using his gift to it's full potential.

I have an incredible opportunity sitting before me, an opportunity I don't want to waste and an opportunity I won't succeed at apart from God. I have to do this with him and for him, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So I guess can I ask you guys to pray with me and for me? Pray with me that the Lord would show favor upon this endeavor. Pray with me that I would stay focused on God and keep him at the center of the business. Pray for me that I would manage my time wisely and use my gift to the best of my ability. That I would learn from mistakes. Stay humble. And grow.

Scripture Pack Now Available!

Scripture Pack Now Available!

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!