Friday Introduction

Friday Introduction

Figure it's time for a Friday introduction!

My name is Shelbie and I create stuff. Haha. I live in Atlanta and am married to the most wonderful and supportive husband and have the craziest and funniest and gooberest kid. Here are a few fun facts about me:

•Jelly's are my favorite thing at the aquarium. They have jellyfish tanks you can buy and have in your home and I'm trying to figure it how to convince my husband we need one. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

•I never thought I would live in the city but I moved here almost 4 years ago and can't imagine living anywhere else. 

•I drink my coffee black because it's better that way. 

•I eat popcorn almost every day because it's delicious. 

•The beach is one of my favorite places EVER. 

That's a little bit about me! I'd love to hear about you wonderful people who like my art. Comment below with something about yourself or any advice as to how I can get a jellyfish aquarium for my house.