Well I'd never thought I'd be here again.


On the cusp of opening up an Etsy shop.

I know? WHAT?!

I've tried opening shops before and they stress me out.

But this time I'm not doing it alone!

One of my sweet friends, who is incredibly business minded and actually likes that stuff actually came to me saying we should open a shop. I was skeptical and scared because I've failed on several occasions. I just want to create. I don't want to run a business. I'm no good at that. But she is! So we are moving forward. For once I'm actually excited! I get to enjoy making prints for people and she runs everything else! Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

So we will see how this goes. If we fail, we fail. But if we succeed that'd be pretty dope.

Not much will change on this site except for there is now a button at the top that says "shop". So exciting!

Take a look at my Instagram account or Facebook page to see a lil sneak peek of what you might see in the shop! I upload EVERYTHING there. Give them a follow!

Love you guys so much.

Thanks for the support you've shown over just these few short months.


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