Land of the Free?

I don't understand why if we want justice for our black brothers and sisters that means we hate police officers.

Why can't we want justice and still be for police officers?

Just because I want justice doesn't mean I hate police officers. I appreciate police officers. I've known police officers. I'm thankful for what they do. I'm not thankful for the tickets I've gotten but they were doing their job and I broke the law. Ran a red light. Turned without signaling. Failure to yield.

Not once though did I fear for my life when I got pulled over. Well maybe the failure to yeild because I caused a car accident. But that was fear from the car accident. Not the police officer. The officer actually took really good care of me and made sure that I was okay before he wrote my ticket.

Anyways. Not once was I scared the officer was going to shoot me. Not once was I scared that when I reached into my glovebox for my registration and insurance would my life end. Not once. I was just doing what the officer asked of me.

But I know people who are scared when they get pulled over. I know people who have been forced out of their cars when they get pulled over. I know people who have been arrested for nothing when they get pulled over. I'm scared for them. Because they're black. These are stories, I have been told by my friends or their wives.

I'm not scared when I get pulled over, but I'm scared when my friends of color get pulled over.

These stories are real. They aren't made up. They aren't falsified by evidence. In fact they tend to be confirmed by the evidence. Philando Castille? The dashcam footage confirmed the story. But his killer walks free. Despite the evidence confirming it was murder. If that's not injustice I don't know what is...

I'm so tired of this story. So so tired. I can only imagine how tired my friends are who live this reality every day.

I'm also tired of reading and hearing and seeing people say that if we say Black Lives Matter then we hate police officers. No. What we hate and mourn is injustice. 

So what do we march for and post for and fight for? Justice.

We can fight for justice and still be a friend of police officers.


Yesterday we celebrated our freedom, but can we think about those who aren't free? Those who are still oppressed and have their freedoms taken away in this country deemed "the land of the free." Can we please stop trying to discredit black peoples experiences? It's ugly and embarrassing and ignorant. Who are we to say they didn't experience something?

Until we realize and understand that a White persons America and a Black persons America are two different Americas we continue to be part of creating that divide. Racism still exists. It never went away. And when we can admit that maybe, just maybe, we are a little bit racist, a little bit prejudiced ourselves, we can begin to seek reconciliation.

I don't know.. my only hope in all of this lies in Jesus. Not in our broken judicial system. Not in cops. Not in the Black Lives Matter movement. In Jesus. Because he died for all of this. And he gives us the strength and command to fight injustice. To help the widow and the poor. To work on their behalf. To care. To listen. And God is the ultimate judge. Everything will come to justice in due time.

Until then we work with and on behalf of our minority brothers and sisters for justice. We listen. We care. We learn. We grieve. We mourn. We forgive. And we keep fighting for their freedom. Trusting that God is still in control.

This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life. 

Psalm 119:50



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