I've been trying to figure out the perfect blog post, and you know what I've come up with? Nothing.

I'm tired and busy and barely have time to process through anything, let alone write the perfect blog.

So today I'm just going to describe what's going on around me. I think it'll help with my creativity and get me out of this blogging slump.

It's a beautiful spring morning. There are weeds in my grass. A pile of dead ones are still sitting where my husband piled them after he pulled them out on Saturday after our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Plastic eggs litter the lawn as well.

You can tell a baby lives at our house. His toys are everywhere because why would we store his outside toys in the house when we have a perfectly good front porch and yard we can leave them on?

There's a diaper box full of chalk and I think maybe a shoe. His stroller. A lawn chair. His tricycle that he's too short to reach the pedals for but loves sitting on it and going "beep, beep!"

But currently Tony is chasing a bird around our yard. He's pointing at it and has a big smile on his face as he inches closer trying not to scare it away. Goodness my kid is the cutest.

It's trash day. Hopefully a dump truck will come by soon. He loves dump trucks.

Oh, he's getting closer, but now the bird has moved into the street, where he can't go. That was a smart move, bird.

Our tree is finally in bloom. For a while I thought it was dead because all of the other trees in the neighborhood had bloomed except ours. But now there are tiny little green leaves all over the branches. It's just a late bloomer. Nothing wrong with that.

The hose is in the front yard too because I'm too lazy to drag it back to the side of the house when I know i'm just going to fill up his little baby pool again today. We love this pool. It means we can play outside in the heat of the afternoon and still stay cool. Tony loves the water. Cups of water, pools of water, bath tubs of water. He's a little fish. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

I'm sitting at our little patio table we picked up at a store down the street. I love it. It's forest green and cute and little and perfect to sip my water at and write or read or just enjoy the day while Tony plays.

Oh. Tony found the bubbles in his stroller. He can't blow bubbles yet be he loves throwing the wand in the air and saying "bubbles!"

The chatter of birds fills the air as a man on his bike rides by on his way to the MARTA station.

The horn from the train and the sound of semi trucks driving by just a few streets over you would think would be disruptive to the peacefulness but those sounds are just part of the peacefulness of the city. Honestly the chatter of the birds is a little weird to me. This is the furthest from the heart of downtown I've ever lived since moving to Atlanta four years ago. I'm used to being woken by the sound of people yelling on the streets below and ambulances flying by. Waking up to birds is weird. But I love that it's still combined with the noises of the city I so dearly love, even though it's quite literally falling apart. i-85 burned down, i-20 buckled, there's a sinkhole on 5th street. Years of millions of people driving on horrible infrastructure is taking its toll.

But I love this place.

Well my kid has moved to the pine straw and is sitting in the crab grass that really needs cut because when he sits it's as tall as him. I think he might be trying to eat it.

Boys will be boys, eh?

Hey! A dump truck came!


Little Moments

Little Moments