Thoughts During Nap Time

Nap time? What is nap time? 

Schedule? What schedule?

Our life doesn't make sense. Tony should've been down for a nap an hour ago. But he's still in his crib talking. He's happy so I'm leaving him there in hopes he will take this nap. Maybe by the time I'm done writing this post he will be asleep. 

Or not. 

We shall see. 

Life is crazy. We moved right before Christmas and will move again within the next month and a half. 

We had plans. But plans change. 

I hate when plans change. Just being candid here. I really hate when plans change. Maybe that's why I try not to make plans. But when I don't plan my life becomes a crazy ball of stress. So I plan. And then plans change and I turn into a ball of stress again. It's a cycle that seems to have no end. Seems. 

In the midst of all this change and uncertainty and neighbors playing loud music from their cars in the street — yes this is happening for right now — there is one constant: God. 

God is constant. And he is faithful. 

And that's all I need. I want more. I want answers on my time. And I want consistency. And I want stability. But what is more consistent and stable than God? 

That's right, nothing. 

So I'm gonna try to look to God for stability and consistency instead of my circumstances. And I'm going to repent when I look to my circumstances instead of God for those things. And he's going to continue sanctifying me. Because he loves me. 

Now I'm gonna go get my kid because apparently napping isn't a thing right now.

Oh well! We will try again in an hour. 

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