Yoga In The Morning

Last night I barely slept and I had a really weird dream. Yay pregnancy.  So this morning when my husband tried so nicely to get me out of bed so I could work out I'm pretty sure I pushed him away and groaned. Several times. I don't morning. Especially after not sleeping. 

I was finally able to muster the mental determination to get out of bed right before Tim left for work. I turn on the video screen of the baby monitor and guess what else I got out of bed just in time for? 

That's right! Tony, my 20 month old, was rolling around about to decide he had the mental strength to get out of bed (he doesn't morning either... wonder where he gets that from..).

So this meant I either had to skip my work out (bad idea) or do yoga upstairs while he hopefully played around me. 

So upstairs I went with my yoga mat, hoping for the best. 

He was super happy to see me when I got upstairs, especially since I had a cup of milk in my hand. I got him out of his crib and he immediately started playing with his toys so I laid out my mat and found my YouTube video and started. 

This was probably my best experience doing yoga because it was HILARIOUS. 

Tony wasn't sure what I was doing. My head shouldn't be pointing down so he would lift it for me. Then he would decide it shouldn't be lifted so he pushed it back down. Then when the flow moved on and I was standing up he decided that was the perfect time to run back and forth under my legs with his airplane walker thingy and also try and knock me over. He took every opportunity to make me stop and cuddle with him, which I loved and so willingly would take a break to give him a bear hug. He asked me to help with his puzzle and at one point I even changed his diaper because his poop smelled really bad and yoga is all about breathing. 

When I went upstairs to get him and do yoga this is exactly what I was afraid of, but it seriously was the most fun I've had while doing yoga in a long time and I actually made it through the entire flow, which I haven't been able to do yet. 

I love that I was able to combine working out and playing with my kid. 

Now we are downstairs and he's sloooooowly eating his breakfast while I drink my high calorie protein shake and we watch Lilo and Stitch for the 10 millionth time. 

Anyone want to fund my family's move to Hawaii?

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