It's A Process

It's A Process

I don't know about you, but I frequently feel like I need to do everything right on the first try.

Art doesn't really work that way.

You need to brainstorm and sketch and sketch some more and throw out your idea because you thought of a better one and then pull the first one out of the trash and edit and edit and edit before you get to your final rendering. At least that how it works for me most of the time. Sometimes I get it right the first time, but I usually have several sketches before I get to my final design.

And that's okay!

Today made this sketch in a journal:


Here are some photos of the process I went through! Sorry I don't have a video this time. My tripod is in my sons diaper bag which is in his room and he's napping right now. So no video. Next time though I'll have one for you!

I started by sketching out the words using my Faber Castell B drawing pencil. I kept sketching on top of what I had until I wrote something I really liked.


Then I erased the extra lines, cleaned it up a bit, made it easier to read.


Since I liked what I had, I went over the words with my Pigma Micron 08.  


And then erased all of my pencil marks! 


Lastly I thinkened my down strokes with my Pigma Graphic! I decided to make "great" and "greater" really bold to emphasize those words and add variety so that your eye moves around the page more! 


It's a process. Things take time. Art takes time. The only person who needs to be proud of your work is you, so give yourself the time and space to create something you love.

Love you guys!



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