Dear Grieving Mom

This morning I was reading the devotional Loved Baby and this quote stuck out to me:

“Stopping to be still, and giving in to the sovereignty of our Lord, gives us strength to weather this storm. We must bask in the quiet eye before the hurricane comes back whirling and whirling stronger and stronger.”

Sarah Philpott, PhD

I think that being still is one of the things I struggle with the most. I want to busy myself, especially when feeling of sadness come; especially when I need to process something. I don’t want to be still and alone with my thoughts and feelings. No thanks!

But the truth is that when I’m still, I’m not alone.

God is with me. He is always with me. And when the waves of grief and anxiety and depression are getting taller and I feel like I’m going to drown in my feelings, he’s there - the quiet presence that I need saying “I’m here. I’m with you. You aren’t alone. We can get through this together.”

It is in these moments - the quiet and still ones - that I was able to process what the doctors told us about Abbie. It is in these moments that I turned corners in my grief, depression, and anxiety. It is in these moments that scripture came to life. It is in these moments that I knew I would make it. And it is in these moments that I learned God would use me and my story to help others.

It is in these moments that Dear Grieving Mom was born. Every scripture, every promise in this collection is given to us by God: our Father, Healer, Comforter, Redeemer. And God doesn’t break his promises.

Although I’m scared of being still and quiet, every time I am it is life giving and life changing. Spending time with God is that powerful.

The promises in this collection are the promises that I cling to. They are the life jackets that hold me up when the waves get big. They are the words that when spoken out loud help calm the storm. They are some of God’s new mercies that he gives us every morning. My hope and prayer is that they help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Dear Grieving Mom, You are not alone. I see you. I understand. But there is one greater than our friends and family who understands: God. God knows. He knows exactly how it feels to lose a child. He is with us. He comforts and holds us. He hears us. He gives us hope. He wants to hear us pour out our hearts to him and then guide us to being able to rejoice in the midst of our circumstances. This is not where our story ends. There is hope. He is with us.

Much love, Shelbie.

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